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Our Visions

  • Reliability solutions expert – regional coverage

  • Strategic partnership

  • Innovation and quality provider

In order to support our visions, we have strategically partnered up with the manufacturers who are industry leaders and whose expertise is highly recognized around the globe in each and every one of the areas of our capability. We have their full and readily accessible support which we can utilize whenever needed.

We do also manufacture various fuel and lubricant storage tanks to suit customers’ requirements. Our experience has been well built on mining and cement industries in Thailand and neighboring countries. Our people have extensive experience under their belts in the oil and mining industry which requires high performance and reliability characteristics. Our operations are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Our capability in providing lubrication solutions not only includes product suggestion and operating parameters, but also extends into lubrication systems design & installation, lubrication program management and audit, lubrication training, filtration systems (dedicated and mobile), breathers, condition monitoring, oil analysis lab services, oil storage design & manufacturing, and product sourcing. We do not stop at providing solutions but continue pursuing more innovative ways of improving the suggested solutions for our customers into the future. We look to establish genuine relationships with our customers based on our performance in satisfying their needs and adding noticeably significant value to the relationship.

We work closely with your personnel and equipment in order to deliver optimal performance and bottom line to your requirement.

The following chart will briefly outline our focused areas of capability along with the respective manufacturers in partnership with us.



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