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Graco lubricates your equipment

automatically, so you can stay

focused on your job

Whether the equipment is stationary, like in manufacturing facilities, or mobile, like in trucks, mining or construction equipment, lubricant is most effective when dispensed in controlled amounts at frequent intervals.

For a number of reasons, such as time and human resource constraints, or the physical location or type of machine, regular manual lubrication is often difficult to achieve. Often the intervals at which machines are lubricated are based on production cycles, manpower availability and accuracy.

The optimal way of lubricating is automatic lubrication. Graco provides auto lube systems delivering a controlled amount of lubricant (either grease or oil) to multiple, specific locations on a machine while the machine is operating. A centralized automatic lubrication system generally consists of a controller, a pump with reservoir and lubrication dispensers.


Productivity ↑↑

Operating costs ↓↓

Optimal and efficient lubrication

Safety ↑↑

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