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Smart Products - Reliable Machines

Advanced machinery lubricant inspection technology for machine condition monitoring and reliability. Luneta’s technology is designed primarily for the heavy machinery market (OEM and aftermarket) used largely in process plants including petrochemical, power generation, primary metals, food processing, mining, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and cement manufacturing.

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Featured Products
The Sight Glass (1).png

The Sight Glass

The Luneta Sight Glass is a 3D sight glass that provides a nearly 360° view of the oil
thanks to the ultra-durable, crystal-clear and chemically resistant Tritan™ material.

The Pod (1).png

The Pod

The Condition Monitoring Pod® (CMP®) is a patented multiparameter inspection tool
that modernizes and expands daily one-minute inspections.

The Hub (1).png

The Hub

The Hub’s patent-pending design turns one port into five.

The Column (1).png

The Column

The Column is a 3D sight glass designed for monitoring of fluids with greater
fluctuations in level.

The Bowl (1).png

The Bowl

The Bowl is a patent-pending 3D sight glass created specifically for the drain port.

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