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The Luneta Sight Glass is a 3D sight glass that provides a nearly 360° view of the oil thanks to the ultra-durable, crystal-clear and chemically resistant Tritan™ material.

This patent-pending design is the perfect tool to assist with daily one minute inspections. The design features a flat front face for the application of a penlight or camera for closer inspection and analysis. A built-in hex makes installation easy with a socket wrench or pliers. Two eyelets are provided for tagging useful information such as oil type and an oil color change card. And all of these features are packed into a single molded piece to eliminate leak points and improve reliability. Be sure to check out the impact test videos online to witness the true strength of Luneta’s engineering and the Tritan™ material.

Luneta's new Sight Glass has all the clarity and durability you need, with none of the leaks, cracks or squinting you may be used to with those old-style oil sight glasses. You'll never have to use fragile, dark, hard-to-read oil sight glasses again!

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