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The Condition Monitoring Pod® (CMP®) is a patented multiparameter inspection tool that modernizes and expands daily one-minute inspections.

The CMP provides a nearly 360° view of the oil thanks to the ultra-durable, crystal-clear and chemically resistant Tritan™ material. The flat front face is designed for the application of a penlight or camera for closer inspection and analysis. A visible corrosion indicator signals when the oil’s chemistry has changed and begun to attack vulnerable metals. A visible magnetic plug is also provided to capture and display ferrous wear debris. Both the corrosion indicator and magnetic plug are removable for further inspection thanks to a rotatable sight glass. And lastly, if lab testing of the oil is required, the CMP has a built-in sampling valve with an attached pilot tube for live-zone sampling.

Detect machine faults faster with the Condition Monitoring Pod. This multi-parameter inspection pod lets you quickly observe oil level, color and clarity, oil aeration and foaming, corrosion, varnish, wear debris and much more. You will quickly identify the root causes and symptoms of failure that would have previously gone undetected.

We've now made the CMP even better than before. Our engineers have redesigned its sight glass to incorporate the same super-tough Tritan™ copolyester as the Luneta Sight Glass. We also took the opportunity to add Viton™ O-Rings to both the corrosion indicator and the magnetic plug to ensure a consistent seal.



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