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The Column is a 3D sight glass designed for monitoring of fluids with greater fluctuations in level.

The Column can be installed at the drain port or anywhere below the oil level. Included red and green level rings provide easy monitoring of the level between idle and running conditions. The level rings have a tamper-proof design to prevent accidental adjustments. The top of the Column includes either a 3-micron stainless breather or a vent tube kit for plumbing the air back to the headspace of the oil reservoir. The Column is made of thick, high-impact acrylic with 1” NPT threads for extra durability and also includes zinc-plated steel thread reducers. The Column works great with Luneta’s Hub and Bowl. There is also a bypass tubing kit so the Column can be used in conjunction with a filter cart.

Combine the Column with the Hub to solve all your condition monitoring needs.

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