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Meropa Synthetic EP

Meropa® Synthetic EP is a premium performance, synthetic EP gear oil and circulating oil designed for use in a wide range of industrial equipment operating under severe conditions, such as heavy and/or shock loading and elevated temperatures, where short service life with conventional lubricants can be expected. 


  • Thermally stable
    Excellent thermal and oxidation stability reduces deposit formation, maintaining a cleaner gear/circulating oil system.

  • Protects metal surfaces
    Special EP additive provides protection against wear of bearing and gear surfaces during heavy-duty operation. Effective rust and corrosion inhibitors protect all system components. 

  • Proven performance
    Excellent air and water separation characteristics reduce the risk of surface wear caused by loss of lubricating oil film. Compatibility with many conventional seal materials and mineral-type circulating oils eliminates operational problems if changing oil types. 


  • Meropa®Synthetic EP is formulated with a combination of poly-alpha-olefin and synthetic ester base fluids and selected additives to provide outstanding EP performance and wear protection, increased thermal/oxidation stability and protection against corrosion and rust. 


  • All types of gear systems in mobile and stationary industrial equipment where an EP lubricant is specified, including spur, bevel and worm gears

  • Plain and anti-friction bearings subjected to heavy-duty operating conditions 

  • Circulating oil systems where an EP lubricant is required 

  • Outdoor machinery exposed to wide ambient temperature conditions, such as crane, hoist and winch gearboxes 

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