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Pall Athalon

Keep fluids cleanest, longest, for the greatest value

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The Ultimate in Filter Performance


Pall's Athalon™ hydraulic and lube oil filters combine Betax(c)≥2000 rated, stress resistant filter technology and a full range of housings to provide the greatest overall filter performance and value available in industry today.

  • Laid Over Pleat (LOP) Filter Media Geometry

  • Stress-Resistant Filter Medium

  • Anti-Static Construction

  • Coreless/Cageless Construction

  • Simple to Install and Inexpensive to Maintain


‘Setting new standards in filter element design’


Betax(c)≥2000 rated Stress Resistant media Technology in a Laid-Over Pleat configuration: Inert, inorganic fibers securely bonded in a fixed, tapered pore structure with increased resistance to system stresses such as cyclic flow and dirt loading.

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