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Fire Wire Detection System
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The ETI linear electrical fire wire is an excellent method of fire event detection. It is unique in the market because it uses a purpose designed and manufactured three core cable. There are two signal cables and an uninsulated copper wire all sheathed into one insulated wire that is connected to the ETI control alarm. All linear electrical fire wire detection systems must use a System Control and Indication Panel.

The linear electric fire wire is very robust giving the cable assembly good mechanical strength for all engineered installations. One end of the linear electrical cable is connected to the panel and the other end is connected to an end of line sensor assembly. The end of line sensor is manufactured to fit inside of an IP65 quick action electrical connection plug containing a resistor. In normal operation a signal current passes through the fire wire and the end of line sensor returning back to the alarm panel and it will report a normal condition. If there is any damage or the fire wire is broken, the current stops and the fault function on the alarm will activate.

When exposed to direct fire, the insulation on the two signal cables breaks down very quickly and creates electrical continuity via the uninsulated copper cable, signaling fire alarm and system actuation.

Firewire is positioned in the identified fire risk area using the two types of clamp shown. A ceramic Fire Rated Clamp is available that offers heavy duty construction and absolute fire resistance. A lighter weight P style clamp with rubber grommet is also available.

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